Israel S:

Great product! Noticed the difference same night. Wife is very Happy:)

December 07, 2018


Peter K:

Yes Sir! Never felt this confident all my life. It worked for me. 

Ordering the big jar. 

January 18, 2019


Andre C: Thanks guys. It worked.

You got more samples?

March 3, 2019


Brianna B:

Bonerfide is amazing!!

My husband has always lasted only few seconds to few minutes. He's tried many so-called male enhancement that did nothing. He even tried spraying his stuff to numb it and that didn't help either. He doesn't like viagra because it gives him bad headache. But once we tried bonerfide, I still can't believe we went on for hours and how much I'm enjoying it. But I must say I can't stand him using this everyday though. Thank you certnutri for such a wonderful product.

March 29, 2019