Why Male Enhancements Made in Non-FDA Registered Factories Are Dangerous

The world of health supplements and holistic medical products is often complex and sometimes a little scary, and the market for male enhancement supplements is not immune to some of these issues.

As with any kind of supplement, it's important for those seeking male performance enhancement to really look at where they source these products and how they use them. Without doing your due diligence, you could be putting yourself at risk.

Lack of Oversight

When facilities are not properly FDA approved to produce supplements, that means there's no one watching the store. Lack of inspection and oversight can cause problems with contamination, improper handling and much more. When you have an FDA-approved process, you know that the government is watching these processes to make sure products are safe.

Undeclared Ingredients

One of the worst and most dangerous aspects of shadowy production of unregulated supplements is the use of undeclared ingredients.

Put simply, we need to know what's in the products that we use. Otherwise we are vulnerable to ingesting a wide range of toxins, and potentially harmful chemicals and elements. Some of these could be heavy metals or known carcinogens – others may wreak havoc on your blood pressure or circulation. Some may contain harmful bacteria.

One of the FDA's major mandates is to inspect products for harmful or dangerous materials. In cosmetics and some other consumer products, this means looking for natural asbestos or lead. In supplements, it often means looking for the types of contaminants mentioned above.

Lack of Efficacy

If no one is investigating the production of some supplement, how do you know if it works or not?

As with various different kinds of fake Viagra that make their way around the unregulated market, many unregulated supplements just simply don't work. That's in addition to the dangers discussed above…frankly, it’s just dangerous to take any kind of pill or oil or any supplement without knowing the chain of custody! Another reason this is so important is that overseas production sometimes has very little oversight of any kind and companies can add toxins at a whim. Also, they can put any kind of filler or useless product in a capsule or infuse it in a liquid – and you may be paying significant money for nothing! Think about it – you wouldn’t buy any other kind of product under those circumstances. That’s why we have lemon laws for cars, and a byzantine process for selling real estate. People demand efficacy in other kinds of purchases, including prescription drugs – but somehow, when it comes to supplements, all of that goes out the window.

The bottom line is that you need to know where your supplements are coming from. CertNutri’s line of Bonerfide products for male enhancement comes from a well-regulated place – we can provide proof of FDA approval and compliance, and set you at ease about where your supplement comes from. Call us with any questions and have fun shopping!

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