This Side Up

Are you getting satisfaction? If not, it may be due to your technique.

Let's just say it – there are some positions that are more conducive than others to lovemaking.

Some of this is intuitive, and partners can work it out between themselves, but then there's that whole broader idea that switching it up can help with whatever problems you're having…but that kind of makes some people uncomfortable because, in so many ways, it’s uncharted waters. 


More Than the Kama Sutra

Too many people have the mistaken notion that the only way to do this is to flip through the pages of the Kama Sutra, which is very old and written for a very different audience.

You can imagine handing your buddy a copy of this and the kind of incredulous response:

“This stuff is crazy, man. This isn’t real people - it's just drawings of people. Real people don't do this stuff!”

You can see how this goes: in the end, it’s kind of unfortunate that the book got such a larger than life reputation as a panacea for sexual ills. However, taking a stroll through the archaic garden of earthly delights is not the only way to approach the issue. Stores actually sell products to help with positioning; you can see them in the back of Rolling Stone or elsewhere. But that’s only part of the equation. Sometimes, getting more pep in your step means changing up your routine in other ways, too. 

Adding Power with Bonerfide

Another way to help work your problems out as with Bonerfide, a natural USDA-organic supplement with a “bona fide” reputation.

We're not big Pharma: we’re just offering something easy and cheap that works well! Simple. 

This isn’t a ‘gas station supplement,’ either. It’s a premier natural product used by all sorts of satisfied customers.


If you don't believe it, take a look at the website. Here, we break down exactly what our customers are dealing with, and show them that changing things up doesn’t have to be a mammoth chore. It can be a walk in the park if you do it the right way. Really? Well, yes. In fact, so many things in life that seem huge and impossible are really easy when you take them one step at a time. Of course, it helps to take the right steps. 


Take some time to check us out. Read about Bonerfide and how it helps. You’ll want to try some of this stuff!

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